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I didn't find my calling at an early age.  In fact, I was 38 living in Chicago, divorced, raising five sons, and nearly broke.  I was in a downward spiral just trying to make ends meet when suddenly one day I knew more than anything what I wanted to do:  my purpose was to heal others.  And though the irony of that idea did not escape me, it was a stark moment of absolute clarity and inspiration.  And I had no idea how to even begin, let alone the means.

Choosing to have the courage to follow my heart in spite of my circumstances, I drew up plans.  At first it seemed truly audacious:  how can a struggling mom even think about something like this?  I searched and I learned, absorbing any information I could find about the connection between the body, the mind, and the soul.  After researching homeopathy, reflexology, Reiki, acupuncture, and so many other fascinating studies, I found what connected me to my purpose:  body massage therapy.  Not the feel-good massage you might get after a stressful day, but the deep-tissue, knot-breaking, blood-flowing massage therapy that can change your life!  This powerful form of therapy directly connects and addresses many physical ailments to the emotional distress relayed in the body tissue.  This was my immediate passion.

Moving to Indianapolis after becoming certified in Chicago, I quickly set up my own business as a professional Massage Therapist and received my National Certification.  It wasn't long before I built a reputation as I gained experience.  After several years of practicing, I became one of the most sought-after Massage Therapists in the area, focusing my practice on physical and emotional connection through the power of touch.  I worked on people from all professions and backgrounds:  from housewives to CEOs, from professional athletes to day laborers.  Across the diversity of my clients, I could connect with those who were suffering-- not just from physical pain, but more often than not, suffering from emotional or psychological pain expressed in the body. 

Over many years, I have learned so much in the vast field of Healing.  My new dream is here:  The Back Porch Sanctuary which is the fulfillment of my vision for a space that acts as a conduit for powerful alternative healing modalities.  This sacred space is a place of refuge, of peace, and of safety to reset the mind and to allow wholeness to be restored.  It is my great honor to have lived a life of service to those who are suffering.  And now, this place, is for you.

Connie Maudlin

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